Spanish Experience


LAI colaborates with nearly 60 Secondary Schools in Madrid (Spain)


2 weeks (15 days, 14 nights) arriving and departing on Saturdays (The stay may vary according to the School needs)

Aimed at

Secondary School students


With Spanish host families, full board to include hot lunch at school canteen 4 days and packed lunches also*

* One or two Irish students per family, based on availability

Secondary classes

Attendance at a Spanish school as a local student


The assistance of one of your school's teachers during the whole stay


Cultural and leisure activities and excursions

Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language in the world
In this programme the student does not take just Spanish lessons, but Maths, History,… in Spanish from Monday to Friday. It is a very intensive programme in which the student, aside from living with a Spanish host family, spends 5-6 hours every day at a Spanish secondary school, learning new vocabulary related to every school subject. This way he/she is experiencing new friendships as well as being introduced to the most characteristic features of the Spanish culture and life, allowing him/her to gain greater experience about the global world.

Timetable first week:

Timetable second week:

  • Return transfers to/from Madrid airport to host family
  • Immersion in a typical Spanish secondary school attending lessons as a native student
  • Full-board accomodation in a host family in a shared room
  • 24 h. emergency contact
  • Cultural and leisure activities (Madrid walking tour and Theme park “Parque de Atracciones”)
  • Public transport pass
  • LAI will provide a coordinator that will accompany the group in cultural and leisure activities
  • Flights
  • Medical or Travel Insurance
  • The student can wear the Irish School uniform
  • Uniform (the student can wear the Irish school uniform)

Fill in and submit the following documents two months prior to arrival:

Send this documentation to LAI together with the proof of bank deposit for the amount of the reservation of space, together with a copy of the student’s passport.

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Are you interested in this course?

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